Is the websites still a dream for your Business?

Is the websites still a dream for your Business?

I was talking to my dad last week and shocked to understand that he spends more than 3 hours in a day in facebook. Couple of years back when I bought a smartphone for him he doesn’t have an idea how to use it. He was wondering about touch screens and had never thought that a phone can be operated without a keypad. Today he depends his phone for ordering vegetables, booking tickets, travelling and even for verifying the credibility of any product or business.

This is not an odd case. According to IMRB International, the average usage of internet has grown more than 120 in last 2 years. It is expected to grow exponentially. And this brings to the truth that any business without a website won’t survive in the future. But then, the biggest question is whether a small kirana shop can afford a website? Will the ROI works for them?

With the latest technologies and new generation website development concepts creating a website is not a huge task any more. Technologies like Enterocms, wix, shopify etc. will help you to make your website in low budget. Among all these Enterocms stood out with the unique concept of editing a website by seeing it from the front end. You also have the options for drag and drop but uploading the pictures on a right click make the dynamic website best in the market.

Ideally a website development has the following phases. The designer will hear to you requirement and create an SRS followed by wire frame. After this the HTML and Php team will do the customized coding job. Once you have the structure the testing team will do the debugging and fix all the errors. The final step is to add the contents. Needless to say, this is a bit lengthy process. Now, imagine that you can take a short cut in this. That’s what smart people does. The new gen website makers has designed thousands of designs. You have the structure ready to go. All what you need do is just select the right structure and add your contents.

The beauty of these concept is not only the cost benefits. This will also helps you to edit your website as much you want. In the traditional method, your web developer will charge you for each changes. Most of the time you will be cheated if you don’t have an idea about the technical jargons they mention. In products like enterocms you can edit your website 1000+ times. You don’t have any restrictions or you don’t need to go back to the developer. You can edit the website by seeing it. Just press the back button, delete what you don’t want and add what you want. Press the save button. You have edited the website and saved your hard earned money.

So if you think creating a website for your business is required and you will be cheated by an unknown or you have to spend a huge amount, then here is a chance to create a free website by your own. Try out the best and smartest website development concepts like Enterocms, wix, shopify etc. Take your business to the next level.


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