In a time when Apps are everywhere… What’s next for Websites?

In a time when Apps are everywhere... What’s next for Websites?

When it’s time comes… An ‘App’ pushing for a ‘Site’, how will be the ‘Website’ striking back?

Yes, it’s true that ‘Applications are making some noise’; but can it take on the ‘mighty website advantages’ in the long road???

Be it offices, hospitals, malls or just homes, computers are everywhere! The domination they have over human beings ability, reasoning and contribution is quite scary as well. They help us with calculations, storing data, staying organized and also entertain and inform us. Computers add speed and accuracy in various methods and so, they help us save time and money too! Computers have made important contributions in various fields including science, technology, education, society and many more!

Such is the case today, where everything is online and so are we, by some means. The most famous names in the tech world, for its Effiency, the influence on our day to day life, and also faces some harsh criticism over its heavy usage, names such as Facebook, YouTube and many others are well known even among remote village residents, and that’s the change the personal computer started with, and what smart phones revolutionalised later!!!

Conflicts of supremacies have always made information technology interesting!!! Be it a Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs debate, or the mighty Windows taking on Linux, Intel’s clear upper hand on Atom, and so like over these years. And the most relevant and intense battle in recent times is when Applications started to question the domination of Websites in World Wide Web!!!

On a short note, websites was revolutionary when they started out. It gave everyone the chance of making to more number of peoples, and the revolution of personal computers make sure of it. Whether its business, education, science, or whatever, everyone was benefited. And to go with, things became easier with time, when government procedures are computerised for an example. Reduction in the physical struggles was the main advantage, and online facilities had such advantage over its former form.

It was on the well constructed road in the middle of forest where Applications took the charge, where websites had done all the hard work. Applications was one of the nicest of things to happen, considering everyone doesn’t have a computer, but do have a Smartphone, but at the reduction of performance and authority was the service, but reached further hands was the advantage.

Advantages of websites don’t make applications look bad, but it can’t be ignored. Such as more content, security, links availability, etc have such a more elaborated work space and access, will be a mandatory for some of your requirements, and thus pronouncing applications will come short in some cases.

For a better understanding, take up Facebook experience in its application and website as an example, which will be different, entirely different indeed, but will have an almost same experience and satisfaction in comparison, but reduces your authority and advantage, and that’s sums up it all over the advantages and disadvantages of an website over an application, and the personal experience on offer.

And to make it up things easier, if you are an Indian, and so do you are a cricket fan, you can see a Kohli coming up the ranks as a reliable batsman with unbelievable consistency. And as expected, some are comparing him with the Mighty Sachin with statistics; and that’s where a true cricket fan at heart, and seen Sachin batting at his best, you will be not be taking part in any conversations where Kohli supporters taking a toll, you know it by heart and have an answer, who made cricket a household name and these popular even with cricket haters, you just look at them, and will be smiling, statistics will turn to just mere numbers, even how staggering it can be!!!

It was cricket and cricket fans who are benefited, and that’s the beauty of this gentleman’s game and for its development in India, where one is taking the tradition further when former’s time comes. Website had its time, so do will Applications. When website made it exclusive, applications made it even to the impossible hands at ease, and these advancements are at the good for people, and only increase your options but not eliminate another, but choosing at your interests and needs is now a big task. And if you can take it up, and can make sure of the required action, you only the beneficent as with  every advancement in everywhere in this world.

Written by, Edwin A L.


I am a passionate Software engineer and CEO of an IT company named Entero Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd . I like to work with passionate people and love to accept challenges .

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