Mobile App edging over Website based business models

Mobile App edging over Website based business models

Have you ever thought why you are getting repeated messages from all business to install their app? Why business is giving discount or cash back if you are installing their apps? Why crores of rupees spent by online shopping portals like flipkart, Myntra, Amazon etc on promoting the apps? The answer is very simple… because mobile phone is the first point of access for anyone today.
What is the edge that an app gives over website? Is the first point of access that relevant? There was a time Myntra closed their website and doing business only through Apps. Now you are thinking.. Oh God.. Am I missing anything? Yes you are…

Apps are not just the first point of access. It’s like you are selecting the best among the competition. And that gives an edge for any business. Once you install an App, the business can send its promotions, new offers, new products etc. to you through the app. That will give a first mover advantage. The business know what are you doing and what you want to? Lets imagine if you are searching the page of any restaurant in Zomato app. Even though you ordered the food or not, next day you will get an offer in zomato app from the same restaurant you were looking into. And for this, you don’t need to open the app… A push message will come to your mobile by using your own data pack… And this gives an edge over the websites for any business.

Another beauty of app over the website is a user doesn’t need an internet connectivity to access the app. Even if you don’t have access to internet you can access your WhatsApp, messenger etc. You can also send you messages, it will be delivered once you get connected. From the business point, you can keep sending your promotions and if you want to wish you customer on a special occasion, this could be done for future even though the customer has regular connectivity.

According to TRAI, out of the 445million Urban Individuals in India almost 45% of them are active mobile internet users. That means they are accessing internet through mobile phone at least once in a month. While the active internet users through a DTPC/NB is just 15%. Now if you have your app installed in your targeted customers mobile phone, that is giving you three time threshold compared to your website.

Apps are the backbone for many start-ups these days. Start-ups like Uber, Ola, swiggy, road runner, dunzo, opinio are fully working on its apps. The service segment use the apps for real time notification and mapping. The customer can follow you through the apps. Uber cab booking is allowed only through an app. They don’t even have a website for their drivers as on. With the top businesses in the country has already accepted the apps over website, its believed that the others will also follow the pattern very soon.

So what is stopping you ? Is the ROI a key concern here? Not exactly. Definitely the developing cost of apps will be higher when compared to a website. But considering the revenue and potential business an app can bring over the website, its worth investing those extra penny. Another question will be should I have both android and IOS apps? The market share of IOS is less than 10%. So if you are on a tight budget, you can now look only into an Android app. Maybe by spending 1.5 time of what you would have spent for a website will give you a three time business. Hope this correct the equations. For the best app development company in India, feel free to write to info@entero.co.in .


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