Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), The success key of a website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), The success key of a website

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is the set of rules used by website owners or developers to optimise their websites for search engine and improve their visibility as well as search engine rankings. In simple words SEO can be defined as the one and only option to bring your website first in the search engines like google, yahoo, Bing etc. while someone search for the subject of your website contents .

When we ask the question whether SEO is mandatory or not, it’s a simple answer. If you are not expecting visibility for your website, if you are not trying to create a brand name in online space and if you are ok with structural errors in the site and if you are not interested to provide an optimal research result  for your customer then definitely  SEO is not mandatory for your website. Now you may be wondering that you haven’t done any additional payment for SEO but still you have user visits. Then definitely you need to thank your developer, he would have done the basic SEO for you while he was developing your website. But this won’t sustain for a long time. As competition is increasing in all verticals its better do your best to make sure you maintain the same visibility or get more search results. Lets have a look into the advantages of doing SEO.


  1. Optimal Insights into your customers – Increased traffic.

With the latest available analytics and reporting tools you could actually see the new or unique users visiting your website. And not just the website, you could actually figure out which page of your website is visited the maximum time and how much time each user has spent on each page from which part of the globe. This will help you to optimise your website and as a result it will give more insights to your customer which eventually leads to more traffic.


  1. Brand Promotion and Awareness

You would have spent millions for news paper ad or tv ads. But with the changing atmosphere, we have to maintain our brand presence in online medium too. By doing SEO you could actually figure out how your brand is associated with. This also helps you to understand the perception of customers about your brand. People always believe what they see in the  google is the truth. If your brand is coming first in the  search result, then it will build a perception about your brand. No other mode of ad can give you this mileage as everyone can pay money and put an ad.


  1. Better user experience.

Give the user what they want and don’t make the user to keep searching your page. Even though this is the key objective of any website, many of them fail to implement this. This is where your websites fail to satisfy your customer. A good SEO expert will be able to figure out which keyword has to be used where and how many times. Once a user is happy with the service and get the desired result, he will always opt you over any other search results.


  1. Nothing better than pure organic growth

You can get as many clicks and views on your page by doing paid ads and PPC. But for how long. The moment you stop paying for these clicks you won’t get any more visitors. This is the area where SEO completely stands out. Once you are do a proper SEO and structure your website, your unique visitors numbers will keep increasing. The more time you spend on keeping your website error free and user friendly you will have more visitors. SEO will help you to get visitors by organic growth.


  1. It’s a long term strategy and better ROI

Even though you can see increased traffic to your website after starting the SEO, its not just a short term affair. SEO should always be a long term strategy. You should be able to figure out your future plan and do the optimisation accordingly. You may have to pay very high for few ad words and that too for a short period. But while you doing the SEO using the same keywords it will help you to give a long term position in the search engine and its 10 times cheaper than other mode of online advertisement. If you are looking for a long term strategy and presence in the web space then you should prioritise SEO over any other mode of online advertising.


In short, SEO is not just icing on the cake. It’s the most important element of your business.


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